9. Contributing to InfraSIM

Contributions are welcomed and encouraged, in the form of issues and pull requests, but please read the guidelines in this section before you get involved.

Our project is relatively new, and we do not have many hard and fast rules. As the project grows and more people get involved, we will add to our guidelines, as needed.

9.1. Communicating with Other Users

We maintain a mailing list at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/infrasim. You can visit the group through the web page or subscribe directly by sending email to infrasim+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

We also have a #infrasim slack channel at https://codecommunity.slack.com/messages/infrasim/. You can receive an invite by requesting one at http://community.emccode.com.

9.2. Submitting Contributions

You can submit coding additions or changes for a repository. It’s recommended that you limit your pull requests to a single issue, keep tests as simple as possible, and make sure your changes don’t break the existing project.

  1. Fork the repository and clone it locally.
  2. Use a unique branch to make commits and send pull requests.
  3. Make sure that the description of the pull request is clear and complete.
  4. Run your changes against existing tests or, if necessary, create new ones.

After your pull request is received, our core committers give you feedback on your work and might request that you make further changes and resubmit the request. The core committers handle all merges.

If you have questions about the disposition of a request, feel free to email one of our core committers.

Core Committer Team

Please direct general conversation about how to use InfraSIM or discussion about improvements and features to our mailing list at infrasim@googlegroups.com

9.3. Reporting Issues

To report an issue or ask a question:

  1. Go to https://github.com/infrasim/infrasim/issues.

  2. Search the existing issues for your issue. Make sure your issue is not already reported.

  3. If you have new information to share about an existing issue, add your information to the existing discussion.

  4. If you have a new issue, report it. Include the following information.
    • Problem Description
    • Steps to Reproduce
    • Actual Results
    • Expected Results
    • Additional Information

9.4. Security Issues

If you discover a security issue, please report it in an email to Infrasim_core_committee@emc.com. Do not use the Issues section to describe a security issue.

9.5. Understanding the Repositories

The https://github.com/InfraSIM/InfraSIM repository acts as a single source location to help you get or build all the pieces to learn about, take advantage of, and contribute to InfraSIM.

9.6. Coding Guidelines

A best practice is to use the same coding style as the rest of the codebase. In general, write clean code and supply meaningful and comprehensive code comments.

9.7. Contributing to the Documentation

You can contribute to the InfraSIM documentation.

  1. Clone the InfraSIM/docs repository.
  2. Create a branch to make commits and send pull requests.
  3. Make sure that the description of the pull request is clear and complete.

When your pull requests are merged, your changes are automatically published to the documentation site at http://infrasim.readthedocs.org/en/latest/.

9.8. Community Guidelines

Be respectful and polite to other community members. Make everyone in the community feels welcome.