7. Features

7.1. Bare-metal server simulation

Here’s a list of physical servers that InfraSIM has simulation support:

  • Dell R730XD, R630 and C6320
  • Quanta T41, D51
  • Intel S2600KP, S2600TP and S2600WTT

Below list all the functionalities, regarding to how InfraSIM simulates behaviors, properties of those physical server.

7.1.1. Virtual BMC

  1. Defining channel number and support internal and remote IPMI command

    • Virtual BMC is interally accessible (similar with a virtual KCS path) through software applications - typically ipmitool - running inside virtual server
    • Virtual BMC supports IPMI over LAN
    • Supports ipmitool “-t” option and specify access channel
  2. FRU, Sensors, SDR, LAN, User

    • FRU, Sensor and SDR data - simulating what corresponding physical server is presenting
    • Define Chassis/Node relation by customizing, Chassis s/n and Node slot information
  3. Chassis Control

    • Power control and power status monitoring
    • Connecting to virtual host to really simulate power control behavior of a physical server
  4. IPMI master read/write to simulate I2C device

    • Define and inject data for IPMI master read/write of particular I2C device
  5. SEL

    • System power up event generating in SEL
    • SEL event generating on clear operation
    • SEL event generating on sensor reading beyond threshold
    • Inject SEL entry based on sensor event
    • Inject SEL entry based on OEM-defined format
  6. Sensor data manipulating and injecting

    • Sensor readings dynamically change
    • Manually specify sensor (analog type) reading at run time
    • Manually specify sensor (discrete type) reading at run time
  7. Supports changing boot order, activate/de-activate server Serial-Over-Lan

  8. Specify NIC to transfer data for IPMI over LAN

7.1.2. Virtual network interface controller

  1. Add, remove NIC for virtual server
  2. Randomly generating MAC address for each NIC to prevent duplication
  3. Supports NAT, bridge and MACVTAP modes

7.1.3. Virtual host

  1. Support booting from PXE, ISO, HDD
  2. SMBIOS data capturing and injecting
  3. Define processor, memory properties

7.1.4. Virtual direct-attached storage

  1. Specify drive properties:
    • SSD or spinning drive
    • Serial number
    • Physical information
    • Enable RAM disk to boost virtual disk drive performance
  2. Support drive operation:
    • Drive erase for SATA & SAS drives
    • Page data injection of INQUIRY/MODE SENSE

7.2. Intelligent power distribute unit simulation

InfraSIM has simulation for 2 types of PDU: Panduit PDU and Server Tech PDU. So far it only supports powering control virtual servers running on top of VMWare ESXi. All supported features include:

  1. SNMP interface for management and control
  2. Telnet/SSH Service to configure virtual PDU
  3. Authentication
  4. Retrieve telemetry data
  5. Virtual server and outlet binding
  6. Power control virtual node hosted by ESXi
  7. Notification / Trap